A doctor-led advisory group delivering expert and tailored health advice and support for your organisation

The wellbeing of your organisation is our priority.

Insight Health Advisory is your doctor-led health partner, serving as your outsourced Chief Medical Officer, fostering healthier workplaces through expert insights, strategic reviews, and evidence-based health promotion to enhance employee wellbeing and organisational performance. 

Insight’s subject matter experts offer bespoke and flexible support for your organisation across all of your health-related needs, providing strategic support that goes beyond traditional occupational health and safety.


health advisory service

Identifying and addressing workplace health and wellbeing issues
to protect your biggest asset - your workforce

In today’s competitive business landscape, addressing health and wellbeing issues in the workplace is not just beneficial—it’s essential. Poor employee health can lead to high rates of absenteeism, low workplace morale and increased turnover, all of which can severely impact your bottom line. 

In addition, maintaining compliance with health and safety legislation is essential to avoid significant legal ramifications, financial penalties, and reputational damage. 

By proactively investing in Insight’s expertise and preventative health strategies, you not only fulfil moral and legal obligations, but also make a strategic decision that drives sustained success and growth.

Partnering with us helps your business:

  • Reduce absenteeism

    Improve employee attendance with better health and wellbeing support

  • Boost workplace morale

    Cultivate a positive workplace culture that enhances productivity

  • Lower turnover

    Retain top talent by addressing and improving workplace wellbeing

  • Cut recruitment costs

    Save on hiring expenses with a healthier, more stable workforce

  • Enhance your corporate reputation

    Attract top talent and can build a positive brand image

  • Strengthen organisational resilience

    Supporting employee wellbeing builds a more adaptable and resilient workforce, capable of handling stress and chang

Positively impacting your organisation

How Insight can help

Organisational Health and Wellbeing Reviews

Tailored assessment and review of workplace health and wellbeing offerings, frameworks, culture, and policies.

Organisational Health Promotion and Education

Empowering your workforce with customised health education initiatives, from webinars to workshops, fostering a culture of prevention in the workplace.

Health Information Translation and Support

Provision of simplified and digestible  health data and information to enable informed decision-making and resilient crisis management.

Organisational Health Governance and Policy Reviews 

Strengthening your organisation's foundation with comprehensive reviews and enhancement of health policies and procedures.

To discuss the health needs of your organisation: